18650 Spot Welder For Batteries

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DIY Mini Spot Welder Machine, 18650 Battery Various Welding Power Supplies for Super Capcitor
  • Wide selection of welding power supply: lithium battery power supply or 12V car battery.The controller is controlled by a single chip microcomputer, and the output pulse is accurate to ensure the welding quality.
  • With LCD display screen, can display welding parameters.The welding pen and the input line are connected by U-shaped cold-pressed terminals, which is convenient for disassembly and replacement.
  • Using automatic touch welding mode, while retaining the manual trigger interface, you can choose according to your own use.The power board uses 2 Gusi copper to increase the overcurrent capacity.
  • using 5 300A MOS tubes, non-disassembled MOS tubes.The MOS tube driver adopts the imported special chip driver. The fastest MOS tube can be hit with 20nS. The switch is fast to prevent the explosion of the tube and the non-triode push-pull drive.
  • The MOS drive design adds a transient diode to protect the MOS and prevent the explosion of the tube.10AWG multi-filament flexible wire is used for the welding pen line and the input line to increase the overcurrent capacity.The controller is mainly for welding nickel-plated steel strips from 0.1mm to 0.12mm.
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7 Pcs Spot Welder,Welding Pen Portable DIY Mini Spot Welder Machine with Nickel Sheet 18650 Battery Spot Welder Kit 5 Gears Adjustable with A Charging Cable Third Generation
  • Product Function: The welding machine uses a single chip to precisely control the output current of the MOS tube, and generates a high temperature of more than 2000 degrees at the welding point to make the nickel sheet weld firmly. The welding machine itself has overcurrent protection, low voltage protection, overvoltage protection, and overtemperature protection. And other functions. Intelligent output current. Can guarantee safe use.
  • Lithium battery protection: charging to 4.2V can prevent battery expansion
  • Low-voltage protection: When the power lithium battery is working, the protection strategy of the lithium battery lower than 3.2V 5.5AH is adopted to give low-voltage space and security
  • Low Power Consumption Function: long press to turn on/off, short press to cycle to switch 5 gears, all operations can be quickly and conveniently performed, when it is off, it can be standby for up to one year due to low power efficiency
  • Thermal Optimization: This product uses two ultra-high rate model airplane lithium batteries, the discharge peak value can reach 630A+, all high-current circuit layouts, use infrared thermal imaging to optimize the design, and better share the discharge current
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SUNKKO 737G+ Battery Spot Welder, Pulse Welding Machine for 18650 14500 Lithium Batteries Battery Pack Work With Nickel Strips 0.35mm
  • New panel design with intelligent welding function (only for welding pen), improve the efficiency of battery pack welding process;
  • Built-in temperature sensor, intelligent cooling system can automatically work according to machine's internal temperature;
  • Broad welding thickness range: 0.03 - 0.3 mm for fixed copper head; 0.03 - 0.2 mm for mobile welding pen, the welding thickness of pure nickel is between 0.03 and 0.15 mm;
  • Various welding methods optional, no welding limitation of battery pack's size;
  • Soldering function: the temperature of solder can be heat up to 300°C within 7 8 seconds, it's really efficient;
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SUNKKO Pulse Spot Welder 788H 18650 battery Welding Machine with LED Battery Testing and Charging Function
  • APPLICATION: suitable for welding 0.05 - 0.2 mm nickel plated steel strips (0.05 - 0.15 mm pure nickel strip); work with 18650, 14500 battery, etc;
  • FUNCTION: spot welding, battery testing and battery charging;
  • WELDING CONTROL METHOD: welding by pushing the welding head up or controlling by foot pedal;
  • SHIPPING: The spot welder is sent from our Ohio or Nevada warehouse with an estimated shipping time of 2 ~ 4 business days, though expedited shipping is available. We will send you a tracking number after the item ships.
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Mophorn 737G Pulse Spot Welder 0.15mm Battery Welding Machine 110V Battery Spot Welder and Soldering Station Portable Pulse Welding Machine for Battery Pack 18650 14500 Lithium Batteries
  • 【PUSH UP WELDING】- Fixed welding tips have LED light function for precise fixed welding. It is also called push up wekding mode which made for assemble small size battery pack.
  • 【PEDAL WELDING】- It you need precise spot weld, pedal welding is made for you. By controlling the foot pedal, precise location and timing you want is well served for you.
  • 【DISTINCT LCD PANEL】- It shows pulse quantity and current when you are at work with this machine. The distinct panel also allows you to set current and pulse easily and quickly.
  • 【EFFICIENT COOLING SYSTEM】- The radiator is 4100 rpm; with built-in smart chip to prevent overheating damage of the welder, automatic short-point protection, so as to prevent overheating of welding.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】- Suits for various sizes of battery pack, button battery, polymer battery and protection board, Apple mobile phone camera, stainless steel hardware, stainless steel mesh, etc.
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Handheld DIY Spot Welding Tool,USB Recharge Mini Size Lithium Battery Spot Welding Machine for 18650,4 Gear Adjustable Portable Welding Machine Set with Welding Pen
  • Portable Spot Welding Machine is mainly used in the welding of nickel sheet of cylindrical battery like 1-8650,Aluminum alloy shell material, fire-proof and anti-fall
  • Self-carried with a charging control module, which charges the battery through the USB port. Equipped with charging indicating lamp, red while charging and green for fully charged. You can have a try.
  • Handheld Welding Machine is precisely controlled by the single-chip microcomputer program without trigger the switch.Free your hands or foot pedals completely.
  • This spot-welder can welding hundreds of welding points on commonly used nickel-plated sheets within 0.1mm-0.15mm if fully charged.
  • Package Includes:1Pc x Spot Welding Machine 1Pc x 4m Nickel Sheet 2Pcs x Welding Pen 1Pc x Charging Cable 1Pc x User Manual
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SUNKKO 709A Battery Spot Welder Battery Welding Soldering Machine for 18650 Lithium-ion battery pack Welding 0.3mm Nickel Strip
  • USES: Welding lead/nickel sheets, wire mesh, Lithium-Ion cells, circuit boards, and soldering with a temperature ranging from 150 to 450 °C.
  • FEATURES: 2 ~ 18 welding pulses selection, fixed and spot welding capabilities, removable foot pedal, temperature regulation, current regulator, pressure regulated spot welding head.
  • MULTIPLE WELDING AND SOLDERING METHODS: Stationary spot welding with pin range of 5-6 mm and pressure 300-500g, attachable pen with minimum diameter 4 mm and maximum diameter 10 mm and no slip grip, attachable anti-static soldering pen.
  • Increase the welding current and the quantity of pulses can improve the welding performance when you are processing thicker nickel strip.
  • SHIPPING: The spot welder is sent from our Ohio or Nevada warehouse with an estimated shipping time of 2 ~ 4 business days, though expedited shipping is available. We will send you a tracking number after the item ships.
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Kecheer DIY Spot Welder Pen, Integrated Type Spot Welding Pen Automatic Trigger Weld Machine Accessory for 18650 Battery
  • This is a kind of fine quality spot welding pen, adopt thick copper bar, help enhance the working efficiency, and suitable for long service time.
  • Integrated design, beautiful and neat, with fine heat radiation effect. Suitable for 18650 battery spot welding machine.
  • There are dual springs on the handle, each welding pen can expand and contract independently.
  • ​Built-in limit switch, one hand operation, do not need foot pedal. You can have a try.
  • With comfortable hand feelings, can support long time use, stable and reliable, wear resistant and effort saving.
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Battery Spot Welder Machine SUNKKO 738AL – Battery Spot Welding Machine for 18650 14500 Lithium Battery Pack Building – Spot Welder with Adjustable Welding Head – Welder Battery Powered
  • SUNKKO 738AL BATTERY SPOT WELDER – the all new battery spot welder from SUNKKO is the perfect piece of equipment to effectively spot weld battery packs thanks to its magnetic, moveable welding arm and large welding distance range
  • BATTERY SPOT WELDER COMPATIBILITY – suitable for 18650 and 14500 battery pack welding, this spot welder is designed for welding 0.2mm pure nickel or 0.3mm nickel plated materials
  • FOOT PEDAL SWITCH – designed with a foot pedal switch, our welder battery powered machine provides you with ultimate control and multiple pulse group settings (2-18) which are powered by touch sensor for precision and excellent results
  • OPTIONAL MOBILE WELDING PEN – 3 types of mobile welding pens are optional to use with this battery spot welder which is particularly helpful to support welding large-size battery packs. 70B, 71A and 71B mobile welding pens are compatible with this battery spot welder
  • CLEAR PARAMETER DISPLAY SCREEN – featuring a clear, easy to read display screen, our battery spot welder machine helps you to keep on track of your battery spot welding easily and to track and guide the pulse numbers and current parameters
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Handhold YaeCCC 737G Battery Spot Welder with Pulse & Current Display 1.5 kw
  • Use micro chip for controlling precision current to weld in precision.
  • There are wide range of selecting current(1/2 pulse) can be selected to make your work more convenient,safe and efficient.
  • Controlled by micro computer.
  • Welding power can be set and displayed on Led panel.
  • It is suitable for welding charging battery pack,button cell leads,hardware to process,etc.

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